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Medicare Supplemental Insurance Plans Texas

Many individuals don’t realize that Medicare does not cover all health care expenses. This is why Medicare supplemental insurance plans exist. A Medicare supplement insurance plan is designed to help cover expenses not covered by Medicare.

There are many gaps in the coverage offered under Medicare. For this reason, Medicare supplement insurance plans are also known as Medigap Plans. Although Medicare supplemental insurance plans are not part of the federal Medicare program, the health insurance companies offering Medicare part F, Medicare part D insurance or long term care insurance are strictly regulated by federal and state governments.

Medicare Supplement Insurance Plans vs. Medicare

If you are covered under Medicare, you may want to consider enrolling in a Medicare supplement insurance plan to help with expenses not paid by Medicare A & B. Too many people have been unaware of gaps in Medicare coverage, until they are left with unexpected medical bills for expenses not completely covered.

Unfortunately, many consumers don’t understand the difference between the Medicare Program and Medicare supplemental insurance plans. Before enrolling in a Medicare supplement plan, take the time to read and understand all the aspects of Medicare and the coverage included under the program. Once you understand the gaps in coverage, you will be better able to pick the right supplemental insurance plans to fit your needs.

We offer a broad range of Medicare supplemental insurance products to help you close the gaps in your coverage. We have Medicare Part D prescription drug plan, Medicare Part F, life insurance, long term care insurance, long term disability insurance.

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